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The "Kramer Painting"

Own a piece of Seinfeld history with a replica Kramer Painting framed canvas print that captures the eccentric charm of Cosmo Kramer.

🖼️ Framed and immediately ready to hang.
The Kramer Painting Collection:

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Kramer Painting Canvas

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Kramer Painting Poster

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Slide 1

The quick, brown, classic rose, and bossanova fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Slide 2

The quick, brown, bizarre, and thunderbird fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Slide 3

The quick, brown, charlotte, and red fox jumped over the lazy dog.

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Everyone who sees this in my office loves it. It's huge and looks amazing!
New Mexico, USA
Highly recommended. Best Christmas Present ever for my husband.
New York, USA
Loathsome and offensive. I love it. Mounted at the entrance to my study.
Melbourne, Australia